The Process of Buying in Costa Rica

Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a wonderful investment and a dream come true for many people. However, it's important to understand the process of buying real estate in Costa Rica to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here are the main steps you'll need to take.

Connecting with a Knowledgeable Advisor

The initial step in acquiring real estate in Costa Rica is to connect with a reputable advisor who possesses extensive experience working with both foreigners and locals, while also having a deep understanding of the market. I will be honored to be the one to collaborate with you.

Conducting Thorough Due Diligence

Before engaging in any property sale or purchase, it is imperative to conduct comprehensive due diligence. This involves investigating the property's history, identifying any existing liens or outstanding debts, verifying property boundaries, and staying up-to-date with tax obligations. As your guide, I will assist you throughout this critical phase.

Preparing & Negotiating Offers

Whether you are buying or selling, I will skillfully prepare an offer on your behalf and guide you through the process of acceptance and negotiation, which is pivotal in real estate transactions. This will lead to the development of a Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA). If you are selling, I will diligently negotiate with other agents or potential buyers to ensure you receive the best offer and facilitate a seamless transaction.

Assistance with Financing

If financing is required, I will provide you with assistance tailored to your specific needs, guiding you through the available options within Costa Rica's financial system. Alternatively, if financing is not necessary, I can recommend trusted escrow firms that will safeguard funds until the completion of the transaction. I have a network of reputable lawyers who are well-versed in facilitating such transactions.

Closing the Sale

Whether you are purchasing or selling property, the final stage, known as the closing, holds significant importance in the real estate process. This stage involves the transfer of ownership, payment of fees and taxes, and engaging the services of a proficient lawyer to ensure a successful conclusion to the sale.



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