Santa Teresa & Mal Pais

Santa Teresa & Mal Pais

Santa Teresa and Mal Pais Where beachfront bliss and bohemian culture converge in Costa Rica's paradise.

Santa Teresa, nestled along Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, is a magnet for high-end clientele seeking an upscale, yet laid-back beach paradise. With its spectacular beaches, renowned surf breaks, and lush jungle surroundings, Santa Teresa embodies a harmonious blend of luxury and natural beauty.

This coastal gem attracts a diverse international crowd, from Hollywood celebrities to top-tier entrepreneurs, drawn by its exclusive resorts, wellness retreats, and gourmet dining options. In Santa Teresa, you'll discover a vibrant cultural mix, with influences ranging from Costa Rican traditions to bohemian and wellness-focused communities, creating a unique and cosmopolitan atmosphere that appeals to the most discerning of travelers and residents alike.

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