What Is The Best Time To Visit Costa Rica: Debunking Weather Myths

Alexa Ortiz January 15, 2024

When it comes to planning a visit to Costa Rica or considering a property investment, understanding the weather is crucial. In the past, Costa Rica had very defined dry and rainy seasons, but recent years have brought changes. In this guide, we'll break down the myths surrounding Costa Rica's weather, and help you decide the best time to visit or explore real estate opportunities.

Costa Rica's Changing Seasons: What You Need to Know

Costa Rica's weather has been evolving, making the distinction between dry and rainy seasons less clear. Let's dive into the current realities of each season.

Dry Season (December to April):

  • Weather Today: While you can still expect mostly sunny days, recent years have shown occasional rain, adding a twist to the traditional dry spell.
  • Crowds: High tourist season continues, drawing in crowds seeking the classic summer experience.
  • Real Estate Scene: Despite increased demand, the dry season remains a popular time for property exploration. However, prices may reflect the high demand, so expect higher prices for hotels and rentals.

Rainy Season (May to November):

  • Weather Today: Contrary to its name, the rainy season isn't a constant downpour. Expect intermittent showers, lush landscapes, and stunning sunsets. Climate change has introduced more variability, with some dry days amidst the greenery.
  • Crowds: Often misunderstood, the rainy season offers quieter beaches and less crowded tourist spots.
  • Real Estate Opportunities: A true opportunity for real estate in Costa Rica, the rainy season may present opportunities for better deals due to lower demand.

Navigating the Weather: Tips for Visitors and Real Estate Seekers

1) Stay Flexible: Embrace the changing weather patterns and be open to exploring the beauty that each season brings.

2) Assess Personal Preferences: Consider whether you prefer the smaller crowds and vibrant greenery of the rainy season or the consistent sunshine of the dry season.

3) Explore Real Estate Opportunities Year-Round: Since demand may be higher during the dry season, the rainy season could present opportunities for better deals and negotiation flexibility.


Like the rest of the world, Costa Rica's weather is evolving, challenging the traditional notions of dry and rainy seasons. Consider the perks each season brings, and decide the best time for your visit or real estate exploration. Regardless, as local real estate professionals, we can guide you to make optimal choices and secure the most favorable prices year-round.